Puffe Frana Gold Coleção Versalhes


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Descrição do Produto

Our puffs are a great alternative to create a comfortable and elegant environment. They are custom made for your space, with high quality wood, providing durability and resistance. Its seat is wrapped with soft D28 foam and acrylic blanket, enhancing the finish. The puffs are made in the most diverse options of fabric, colors and prints.

  • Cautions:
    Do not use chemicals, abrasives or steam cleaners.
    Avoid contact with sharp objects and prolonged exposure to the sun.
    Avoid abrasive soaps and sponges.

Informação adicional


0,60cm diâmetro, 0,70cm diâmetro, 0,80cm diâmetro, 0,90cm diâmetro, 1,00cm diâmetro


Linho, Sintético, Suede, Veludo